Having Issues with FTP

Am having issues trying to connect my FTP account on Multcloud


  • @dockdbas, sorry for the inconvenience. Please send the screenshot of the problem you encountered to us so we can analyze.

  • Attached is the error message.. I've tried it multiple times
  • @dockdbas, please send the authentication details of your FTP to us so our developer can test it.
  • How can I send it to you? 
  • @ Dockdbas, we test it and everything is normal on our side. You can email to [email protected] with the authentication details so we can analyze.
  • You mean you test my FTP login info and it didn't work 
  • Can you help me connect the FTP in my account then... I'll send the details to you 
  • @dockdbas, please send the details through email to us so we can analyze.
  • MultCloud provide some solutions for common errors, you can find the errors frequently occur when using MultCloud, especially transferring files and solutions how to solve them here. If you can not find a solution for your problem here, please contact our support. May you have a good time with MultCloud. Here is the link:  https://docsbay.net/common-error-solutions You can find solutions to solve problem related to FTP.

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