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Baidu to Google drive always fail

I've tried transferring in morning, afternoon, midnight for 2 days and all failed with - insufficient data written
It is not even moving, stuck at 0% all the while. Hope admin can do something to fix it.


  • As you said process was stuck at 0%,so please delete this task first and create an new one to see if problem persists.BTW,if data you are going to transfer is a little bit large,you'd better transfer them in small batch.
  • edited February 8
    Create new task is still the same. I'm just transferring a single file of 500MB+ and I've successfully transferred 1-2GB single files before after few attempts. However this time it simply don't work (not moving at all) even when I tried with a small 70MB file.
  • Please provide screenshot to us and your MultCloud account to us so we can analyze it and please email to [email protected]
  • Can't you check it at your side & try reproduce the problem yourself? This is getting too troublesome & I'm also concerned about the privacy of my cloud drives files. Thought of buying premium but now I lost confidence on your service.
  • We need your account so we can check if there are log file in our system.After seeing log file,we can analyze it.
  • Hello

    Thank you for replying , i tried transfer files from my private baidu cloud to my google drive.


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