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Constant failures pCloud -> hubiC

Trying to transfer files from pCloud to hubiC, files between 500M and 2G, meeting with constant failures.

Don't know if anyone there is actually monitoring this forum, but pretty sure there's nothing I can be doing wrong to cause the failures...


  • Based on this case,please let us know which transfer way you used? Cloud transfer or Cloud sync? What kind of error message you received? Please provide it to us so we can analyze it.
  • Figures; now that I'm staring at it to capture the log data, I got one to transfer without error.

    In Cloud Manager:

    1) Open pCloud drive, open folder, select file.

    2) Dropdown; Copy File.

    3) In resultant target window, open hubiC drive, navigate to selected folder.

    Get standard Details window:

    Source: /pCloud/ROMs/Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 7040E.rar
    Destination: /HubiC/Alcatel ROMs and Files/ROMs
    Files processed:0/1
    Data processed:5.22MB/715.54MB
    Current Rate:216.0KB/s
    Start time:2017-08-17 01:03:22
    Elapsed time:21s
    Remaining time:56m 7s

    But then I get...


    Source: /pCloud/ROMs/Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 7040E.rar
    Destination: /HubiC/Alcatel ROMs and Files/ROMs
    Files processed:0/1
    Data processed:0bytes/715.54MB
    Current Rate:0
    Start time:2017-08-17 01:03:22
    Elapsed time:25m 51s
    Remaining time:0
    The following files are unable to be transferred:Click to view.

    I click, and...

    Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 7040E.rar 715.54MB /pCloud/ROMs/Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 7040E.rar Failed to transfer the file, please try again. Retry

    While I didn't on this specific one, I have frequently hit that Retry button, with the same results (although generally at a different place in the file).
  • Based on this case,please send your MultCloud account to us via email so that we can check it to see what reason caused this problem.
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