Main Threads:Premium Plan - servers & tranfer speed
  • Since my question wasn't answered on another thread or in an email response I thought best to try a new thread.

    In the comparison of the plans, it says transfer of 10 threads instead of 2. So is that with the same tranfer speed divided by 10 intead of 2 or is it 5 times more speed?

    It also states that there are VIP servers. Besides the cloud servers listed what are the VIP servers available? Or does that mean that preferential treatment of server usage.

  • Once you use  "cloud transfer",you can see the threads under the "Detailed".When you open it,you can see 10 files being transferred at a time.If your account is a free account,then you can see there are only 2 files under "Detailed".As for the VIP servers,they are used for VIP account and the speed is faster than free account's.

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