Main Threads:Dropbox to Flickr copy transfer failing
  • Last night it was working fine and today I keep getting "Transferring "P1030103.JPG" failed." when I try to copy photos from Dropbox to Flickr.

    Also, I cannot seem to transfer entire folders into Albums. I would expect it would create a new album but it fails.

  • Based on this case,please cut and paste P1030103.JPG to other location and retry it to see if problem persists.For flickr,it has some limits.

    You can only transfer pictures or videos to Flickr.

    2. Folders can only be transferred to "Albums" directory and can not have subdirectories under that folder.

    3. Files can only be transferred to "My Photostream" or Album directory you created yourself.

    4. All your files can be found under  "My Photostream" directory.

    5. The  files under "Albums"  are referenced "My Photostream" files .

    If you really want to transfer your files under the "Albums",please refer to this screenshot.You need to open the "Albums" and select the files you want to transfer and then right click the "copy to" to have a try not select the "Albums" as an entire directory to transfer.

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