Main Threads:Transfer keeps getting to about 70% and "starting over" - speeds VERY poor
  • I am transfering from an Amazon Cloud to Amazon Cloud - I wouldn't suspect the speeds would be as awful as they are.

    I'm presently getting 141 KB/s - thing is, it is saying my transfer will take 4 hours.

    So after 3 hours and 25 minutes - all the percentages drop back to 0% and it says it's going to take another 4 hours.  Meanwhile the Data Processed hits back to 0.

    What keeps happening?  I am a premium user.

  • And now it ultimately fails and I get this message:

    SSL peer shut down incorrectly

  • Based on this case,please let us know what kind of files you were transferring?Please email us and our contact Support email address is [email protected],please also provide your MultCloud account to us so we can analyze it.

  • That email address does not work.  

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