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  • Hi, I've been trying to get data from a Dropbox account across to one on Pcloud but have a MAJOR problem.

    First I tried using Cloud Transfer, mainly because of the 10 channels. But that left all the files on pcloud with the Modified Date as the date the transfer took place. So I erased the data and then did a Mirror Sync - but that produced the same result.

    How can it be a mirror if something about every file is changed?

    Is there a way to achieve a proper mirror?



  • I am sorry that no matter which way you use(cloud transfer or cloud sync",MultCloud would change original date to be current date after transferring.

  • That is NOT how mirroring is supposed to work :(

    Do you plan to correct this problem soon?

  • I record it and will reflect to relevant department to acheive it.

  • I just would like to add a "me too" to this.

    I just purchased MultCloud yesterday as a way to move my 500+ GB of data from OneDrive to Dropbox. I was happy to find a solution to do this, but my happiness has changed to disappointment once I discovered this critical flaw in MultCloud. If all of my thousands of files have the same modified date and time, MultCloud is useless to me. When mirroring, the date and time stamp of the files must be preserved.

    I hope this is corrected soon!

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