Main Threads:Very poor speed with premium account

    since nobody from the support gonna reply on my mails, ill try it here in the forum

    the speed is ridicilous slow.... and this is not an issue from the cloud providers cause i never had that kind of issue with other transfer websites or rclone.

    please fix this in my present premium month!

  • Completely agree.  A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ~5mb/s and now it's down to about 140k/s.  This is insane.  If MultCloud can't get the speed to a reasonable level, there's NO VALUE in this toolset. 

  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we are trying to resolve it now.As our servers are in foreign country,so it would take time for our team to discuss this issue with our server provider.

  • Sorry have to hijack this thread. Can the admin advise how long more is needed to resolve the issue? Before signing up for premium, I'm transferring at avg rate of 100+ KB/s and I was thinking if 100+ KB/s x 10  I would get 1MB/s. I was wrong!

    Now I'm getting  avg rate of 79KB/s, that's even worse than non-premium!  How come?

  • Based on this case,would you please let me know how you transferred your files? If there are multiple files you transferred them all in one go,then it would affect speed.So please transfer them in batch to see if problem persists.

  • Has the speed issue been fixed, because I am frequently below 300KB/s with an average transfer of 186 KB/s- as premium that is very disappointing.

  • How can you expect the puchase of a Premium plan if transfer speeds can not be explained? Everyone's server is in another country. It appears that using free Jdownloader and FileUploader would be just as fast as transferring using Multicloud. By now there should be specifics on the home page. What are the speeds for Free versus Premium?What are the additional VIP servers mentioned for the Premium plan?

  • I can confirm that I'm still getting an avg of 2MB/s fransferring files between amazon and hubic. I have about 2TB of files and it will take almost my entire first (and last) monthly subscription

  • update... on a new transfer job avg is now 143KB/s with 10 threads running... it would take less time to retype the contents of the files by hand...

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