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  • I wish to purchase your plan. However, I do not need unlimited traffic. Can you please introduce monthly/quarterly premium plans which provide limited high-speed data traffic say 2/4/5/10 TB?

  • The speed is  inrelevant to which plan you subscribed.

    As for the speed,a lot of factors should be taken into account,like the size of your files,the type of your files,the number of the files,the type of your clouds,the limitation of your clouds and 

    so on.So I am really sorry to let you know that I do not know the accurate speed because it is changeable and uncertain.However, if you pay the premium subscription,you can get 10 threads in one time.For free account,MultCloud only supports 2 threads in one time.Generally speaking,it's speed is faster than the free account.

  • Can you provide limited data traffic plans as mentioned above? I will purchase those plans immediately because I don't need unlimited traffic plans as these plans are not affordable for me.

  • I am sorry that we only have monthly/quarterly/yearly plan at present.Your understanding would be much appreciated.

  • I think I did not make myself clear enough.

    Your current monthly/quarterly/yearly plan provides unlimited data traffic at $7.99

    I am asking for monthly/quarterly/yearly plan providing limited data traffic say 2TB per month for $1.99/month

    Can you please forward my request to administrator of MultCloud? I can assure you there are thousands of users who NEED such plan.

  • Thank you for your explanation but it's hard for us to make some changes now.Considering many factors,we do not have this plan at present.

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