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  • MultCloud is incredible. I've been looking for a multi-cloud service for months and this is by far the best I've found. However, I was suprised when I went on the Google Play Store and saw that there wasn't a MultCloud app available. I tried using MultCloud in my phone's browser, and while it did load, it was very poorly optimized since it was optimized for desktops. I ask that you would please make an Android and iOS (and maybe even a Windows Phone) app. I know that apps take a long time to make, but if you do make an app, you will reach thousands, even millions of consumers who would benefit from using this service. I hope you all agree as well.

    Thank you for your consideration,


  • Thank you for your suggestion.I record it and will forward it to our relevant department to delvelop special App to manage clouds.Let's see it would be achieved soon.

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