Main Threads:Does not complete the download
  • Multcloud has been slow to sync with mega accounts and updates are required and the files are not fully downloaded. I have a file of 95 mb for download and it only reaches 6 mb. Is it a bug?

  • Based on this case,would you please prvide your MultCloud account and password to us so that we can test it?

  • i send u a message  inbox

  • Ok,We will test it.As long as I receive any reply from my colleague, I will let you know.

  • Would you please let me know if you deleted all your task? My colleague told me that he could not see your task as there was no task so he could not analyze what reason caused problem.

  • My account is synchronized with Mega. Try to download any file from the folder. It just does not complete.I tried now and continue with the same problem and several of my friends have complained about it

  • You said that MultCloud did not complete,would you please let me know what kind of problems you encountered?For better understanding,please show me a screenshot so I can better know your problem.

  • Sure.

    First select the file to download, notice that it has 139 mb
    After the download starts, it takes a few seconds and it stops

    Only 5mb was downloaded. is not a problem  is not with my connection because this problem only occurs on this platform.




  • Okey,I got it and I will reflect this issue to our development team to see if they can optimize this feature and we will try our best to make it.

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