Main Threads:How to get referral points?
  • Hello,

    The pricing section ( of the site mentions this about referrals: 'You can acquire points by sharing Multcloud to SNS, recommending Multcloud to other people ...'.

    But how does one do that? I went through all the settings I could find, nowhere did I see a referral link. Where would I be able to find mine?


  • Please click"gift" so that you can see the ways about how you can get the extra points.

  • Ah, the gift icon in the upper right corner. Ok, got it. Thanks!

  • Hello everyone

    What is the use of MULTCLOUD ?

    anyone define here please.

    best regards


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  • MultCloud is like a cloud management channel.If you have mutiple clouds,you can add them to MultCloud's cloud list to transfer files from one cloud to another cloud.

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