Main Threads:Copying files that begin with a period
  • I searched the discussions to see if there is a solution to the problem I' having.  The copying of files that begin with a period have been consistently failing.  Is there a work around for this problem?

  • Did you mean that MultCloud did not transfer those files and it was counting files? Could you please let me know more detailed info so that I can reply you more clearly?

  • Attempts to copy a file that begins with a dot fails.  The following is the statement in the log file:

    Name:    .enref

    Size:    7bytes

    Path:    /OneDrive-MS/Other/FromDropBox/Fr_WRS-PC/All-WRS-dbox/DnLoads/Cell-Backup/Removable Disk/.enref

    Cause:    A name that does not include special characters, or begin or end with a \.\

  • Okey,I got it.That is to say MultCloud does not support such kind of file to transfer.So you need to change your file name to be a normal one so that it can continue to transfer.

  • This seems problematic to me. Operating systems often use .name files to hide a file from normal view - e.g., look at how Apple handles their setting files. Are you saying these files will not transfer?

  • MultCloud does not fully support such kind of files.So it is more likely that they would affect transfer process.

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