confused scared newbie, seeking help!

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Hello, MultCloud is new to me. I've been using oDrive, but want to switch to Multcloud because my main files are on Mega Cloud (& I have Baidu, too, both which oDrive doesn't service), as well as various other clouds. I've had difficulty sorting my files between all the clouds I'm using & want to use, & in the past Mega's filing tree & 2-way sync caused a huge filing mess with many duplicate files in multiple folders. I straightened it out several times months ago on my old laptop, but old files keep reappearing in the outdated folder structure. Yesterday I just sent my main PC laptop off for warranty service & fixed the screen on my older PC laptop, which I'm now finding still has outdated files & folders in disarray (disorganized & multiple copies again, not updated). I want to start using MultCoud asap but worry I may lose my updated documents from the clouds & preferred organization, since I'm on the older laptop. I want all my devices across the board to be updated & synced, but am confused how to safely achieve this. I'm normally technically saavy but feeling intimidated & unsure how to start, especially since I have lots of work pending & am pressured to get it done as efficiently & timely as possible. Can anyone with a lot of patience possibly walk me thru this, PLEASE? 

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