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  • Some of the lioncubs factsare given below:

    §  Scientific name for a lion is Panthera Leo.

    §  Lions are the 2nd largest cat species on the world. Tigers are number 1.

    §  Lion’s are known as king of the jungle, but they really don’t live injungles.

    §  Lions mostly live in the grasslands, savanna and open woodlands of Africabut they also live in the Gir Forest in India.

    §  Lions are social animals. They often rub their heads together with otherlions and purr to each other.

    §  They live in prides. A pride is a group of lions.

    §  A pride usually consists of 15-30 lions; however they can be as small as3 lions or as big as 40 lions.

    §  A male lion is called a lion.

    §  A female lion is called a lioness.

    A baby of lion is called a lion cub.

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