Main Threads:FTP connection time out.
  • Hello.

    I am trying to connect to a directory and i get a timeout error.

    When i tried from filezilla i had the same problem

    and the solution was to change some settings

    like "Transfer mode -> Active" 

    and on "Active Mode -> Lowest available port : 30000  //// Highest available port: 35000"

    And after those 2 changes it connects me to the directory of my dedicated server.

    Any suggestion of how to connect it also here?

  • Hi,kwwstasna

    did you mean that you can not transfer file from FTP via mulycloud?

  • I get similar results when I try to connect to one specific FTP server

  • Hi, multcloud dosnt support ACTIVE FTP transfer? only passive mode? if support active mode, how can i configure it?

  • I am sorry MultCloud only support passive FTP at  present.

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