MultCloud Deleted Data - Copying from to GDrive

Hi Team MultCloud,

 Please take this email very seriously and resolve immediately.

 We have created account at multicloud as our evolution and attached our account and gdrive account.

 For test purpose, we have copied a folder named “WIP – To be reviewed documents” under Technology having only 110 MB from and “Paste” to GDrive Cloud.


Once the folder copied successfully, we went to check our account and found big Surprise, MultCloud has deleted “Technology” folder, it’s sub-folder and all files inside this folder from our account.

 Please resolve this on immediate basis and bring back our all data inside “Technology” folder which is deleted by MultCloud.


  • Hi,sorry for the inconvenience caused. You said that you copied a folder and pasted to Gdrive cloud, so I am wondering how you did this operation?  Did you use "Copy" or "Copy to" feature via Cloud Explorer? You know if you used "Copy to" feature and you will see a option named "Move" button under a popup window, so did you select that option already??

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